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I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Blu-ray Disc Released: 11/27/2007

All Ratings out of
Video: 1/2
Audio: 1/2

Review by Mike Long, Posted on 11/25/2007

When I review a movie, I attempt to remain completely objective. I only want to focus on the movie and DVD/Blu-ray Disc at hand, because, after all, that's what where here talk about. I try not to let any external forces influence my review. But, that's not always possible. At times, there is information from outside of a film which can't be ignored. For example, Lindsay Lohan has been in the news a great deal lately due to her outrageous behavior and her stints in rehab. Armed with this knowledge, after I watched I Know Who Killed Me, I couldn't help but wonder, was Lindsay intoxicated when she signed on for this movie?

Lohan stars in I Know Who Killed Me as Aubrey Fleming, a high-school student who lives with her loving parents, Daniel (Neal McDonough) and Susan (Julia Ormond). She plays piano, has a boyfriend, Jerrod (Brian Geraghty), and she's known in school for her short stories. One night, Aubrey is supposed to meet her friends at the movies, but she never makes it. The police are called in and her parents fear the worst, as another teenage girl was recently murdered. Aubrey is found a few days later, alive, but butchered. Her right arm and leg have both been removed below the joint. Despite these horrible injuries, her parents are overjoyed to see her alive. But, the happiness turns sour when Aubrey insists that she isn't Aubrey, but that her name is Dakota Moss. She claims that she is a stripper who was raised by a drug-addicted mother, and that she was abducted from a bus stop from the way home from work. Daniel and Susan don't know what to make of this, the police believe that she's lying, and the medical team is baffled, as "Dakota" has the same DNA as Aubrey. Even Dakota, who insists that she is who she says she is, is confused by the whole thing. Things get worse when she realizes that the person who mutilated her may still be after her.

Throughout the course of film history, there have been plenty of movies with misleading or ironic titles. But, few have had titles which were simply wrong. In theory, I Know Who Killed Me should be about a murder, but it's not -- it's about a person who was assaulted. But, I guess I Know Who Maimed Me just wouldn't look good on a marquee. Of course, the awkward title is the smallest of this movie's many, many problems.

A friend of mine actually paid to see I Know Who Killed Me in the theater and claimed that the movie was unintentionally funny. I wish. This movie is just plain bad. The primary plot of the film may not be very original, but it isn't that bad, and the idea of someone waking up from a trauma and claiming that they are someone else could have made for an OK movie. But, I Know Who Killed Me simply uses this as a taking off point to go down several bizarre roads. I don't want to give too much away about the "twist", but I got the feeling that the writer was watching Ripley's Believe it or not! one day and decided to write a movie based on one of the stories. And when that twist comes, you are either going to be woefully confused or rolling your eyes in disbelief, as it simply doesn't work.

A convoluted story doesn't have to be a film's Achillle's Heel, as plenty of movies have used style over substance. However, there's actually too much style in I Know Who Killed Me. Director Chris Sivertson has used so much blue in this movie that I actually expected James Cameron to walk in and say, "Damn, that's a lot of blue." Sivertson uses blue and red to symbolize Aubrey and Dakota...I think...nearly everything in this movie is blue and it simply becomes annoying after the first few minutes. (The killer's weapons are blue. Give me a break.) The movie is also oddly edited and fails to let us know when it is suddenly going to go back in time to tell Dakota's story. For a few minutes, I felt as if I was watching the movie in a theater and someone had started the wrong reel. In addition, the movie doesn't allow enough time to set up Aubrey's character before she disappears. How are we supposed to be surprised about the changes in a character's behavior if we never got to know them in the first place.

Lohan has been known as a teenaged movie star, and as she neared 21, it's not surprising that she would want to take on a more mature role. However, it's surprising just how far I Know Who Killed Me pushes it's R-rating. But, not in the sexual way in which one would expect. I guess that most would refer to Dakota as a stripper, but that would imply that she takes off her clothes or removes veneer from old furniture. No, she simply wanders around a stage in lingerie, but never gets naked. In fact, there are pasties under her sheer bra. What state is this? The R-rating comes from the explicit violence in the film. Before the killer amputates Aubrey's hand, they burn her with dry ice and this scene goes on and on. This may sound odd, but I was really surprised that someone like Lindsay Lohan would be in a gore movie.

Many would want to paint I Know Who Killed Me as a classic turkey like Showgirls or Ishtar, but it doesn't fall into that category. Those were ambitious, opulent, over-the-top movies which collapsed under their own weight. I Know Who Killed Me is simply a little film which is poorly written and poorly made. It wants to be a twisty mystery with some steamy overtones, but it turns out to be a bloody mess in which each scene is even more mind-numbing than the last. Due to the fact that Lohan was in rehab, she couldn't do publicity for this movie. Or maybe she was smart enough to simply distance herself from it.

I Know Who Killed Me can't remember who it is on Blu-ray Disc courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The film has been letterboxed at 2.35:1 and the disc carries an AVC 1080p HD transfer which hovers around 30 Mbps. The movie looks pretty good, as the image is sharp and clear for the most part. However, the extensive use of filters for the blue and red tinting has rendered some shots noticeably grainy. Also, some scenes are overly dark and come off looking very flat. The daytime scenes look much better, as they are crisp and show a nice amount of depth. Overall, the image looks fine, but only slightly better than standard DVD. The disc has both a Linear PCM 5.1 Uncompressed audio track which runs at 48 kHz and 4.6 Mbps and a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track which is 48 kHz and 2.0 Mbps. Both tracks provide clear dialogue and sound effects. There are a notable amount of stereo effects and these show a nice amount of detail. Surround effects come into play during the finale and the in-movie music contains some nice subwoofer effects.

The I Know Who Killed Me Blu-ray Disc contains only a smattering of extra features. The "Alternate Opening" (81 seconds) is...um... just a shot of water. The "Alternate Ending" (1 minute) has some dialogue here, but it's so garbled, I can't make it out. The rest of the scene makes no sense whatsoever. There is also an "Extended Strip Dance" (6 minutes). You're kidding. This went on too long in the finished film. The final extra is "Bloopers" (3 minutes), as if most of the movie wasn't a blooper.

Review Copyright 2007 by Mike Long